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During tonight Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix announced its next expansion. Endwalker, for publication in the fall.

As usual, the update includes a number of things, the most notable of which is the Enigmatic Sage, the first new job focused on healing since the Astrologer was added to the MMORPG in 2015 Skyward Extension.

Final Fantasy XIV Players can instantly jump into the role of the sage Endwalker starts as long as you have raised another job to level 70. Wise to use weapons designed exclusively for Final Fantasy XIV known as “Nouliths”.

“We regard the wise as a barrier-type healer” Final Fantasy XIV Producer and director Naoki Yoshida explained by translator. “And because we try to make our jobs unique from the other jobs, we try something with the sage where you can temporarily improve your own magical abilities to make them more powerful.”

Endwalker will also introduce a new class of melee DPS, but Square Enix is ​​saving this information for a future Final Fantasy XIV Presentation.

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