The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be available on October 8th.


Nintendo announced a new switch model on Tuesday, and the unveiling made some fans want more.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model with a new 7-inch OLED screen will be available on October 8th. Its organic light-emitting diode display promises to offer more vivid colors and sharp contrast.

There was talk of a new switch recently brewing, especially upfront too Nintendo’s virtual E3 event in June. Many hoped that a “Switch Pro” would be announced. Nintendo released the original Switch in 2017 and the Switch Lite debuted in 2019.

In short, the fans are disappointed.

For some, the OLED model didn’t seem to offer enough new features compared to previous models. You can read more about it new OLED switch here. In the meantime, memes.

Some found the new switch underwhelming

There was the “Nintendo: My work here is done” vibe:

There was disappointment: “The so-called Switch Pro is at best more of a Switch Young professional.”

And there was expectation vs. reality.

Some wanted special features

“The best I can do is have a little better screen.”

“Trust me, I work at Nintendo.”

Others said they could still give in and spend

“I’m going to my local game store to buy … change OLED after Twitter told me not to.”

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