Microsoft has updated its unified mobile Office app for use on Apple’s iPad devices. The new Office app combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single application and originally started for iOS and Android in 2019. Microsoft has gradually improved it since then, but it always ran in a windowed mode instead of a fully optimized iPad app.

With this new update, Office is now a complete iPadOS app with access to all regular tablet variants of the Microsoft productivity suite. The app also includes some useful tools that are mainly designed for mobile tasks. These include the ability to quickly create PDFs or sign documents, convert images to text and tables, and perform faster actions.

Microsoft has simplified its Mobile Office offerings into this single app, but stand-alone apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint are still available and updated regularly. While it took a while for the main Office app to be iPad-friendly, Microsoft has added many iPad-specific features to its Office apps. including mouse and trackpad support lately.

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