The wearable tech and augmented reality provider Vuzix is ​​back with another intelligent pair of glasses at CES 2021, this time with a new further development. The newest pair is powered by microLED technology thanks to a partnership with Chinese company Jade Bird Display. MicroLED displays have proven to be viable alternatives to OLED screens in recent years and have driven advances, especially in the television sector.

The technology in this context, however, allows ultra-small but powerful display projectors to be built into both sides of the smart glasses, which Vuzix believes look pretty close to something you would love to wear in public on a daily basis.

In combination with Vuzix’s waveguide technology and the optics of the display engine to map the image onto the inside of the glass, the result is an impressive looking device that can project a stereoscopic monochrome or color image with a variety of pixel densities and resolutions onto both lenses. depending on the software requirements.

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