Apple just released the new iOS 14.5 update for iPhones and iPadOS 14.5 for iPads. These huge updates bring fun new emoji and important security patches. More importantly, they also introduce Apple’s groundbreaking, consumer-friendly privacy and security features.

Apple’s groundbreaking changes allow users, not the ever-expanding roster of tech companies, to track and collect your personal information. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Easier to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask

The mask-including FaceID update from Apple Watch is welcome news for Watch users who want to stay Covid-Safe. Once activated, you can unlock your iPhone without pulling down the mask to reveal your entire face. You still need to enter your passcode for the payment functions.

To turn it on, go to your iPhone’s Settings, choose Face ID> Passcode, and look for a new toggle “Unlock with Apple Watch”.

Then your Apple Watch can …

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