San Francisco – Do you fret when Twitter deletes posts from people or organizations you follow? Concerned about protecting yourself and your community from surveillance? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) got you started with the launch of the first season of the today How to fix the internet Podcast with conversations that can show a way out of today’s technical dystopias.

Moderated by EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn and Special Adviser Danny O’BrienHow To Fix The Internet deals with topics that are in the foreground for internet users and developers – getting out of the big tech lock-in, protecting our connected devices and protecting texts and emails from prying eyes, to name just a few.

This season’s episodes will feature guests like comedian Marc Maron, who talks about how, with the help of EFF, he got the podcast community to fend off a troll who claims to have the podcasting patent. Cohn will also welcome cybersecurity expert Tarah Wheeler, who will discuss how …

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