In the event that there is any doubt as to whether Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making its presence known in the telecommunications world, AWS ‘upcoming CEO Adam Selipsky has a number of large telecommunications companies the company is working with during a MWC 2021 presentation , dropped.

These telecommunications providers include Verizon, Vodafone UK, KDDI, Telefonica, SK Telecom, Bell Canada and Dish. In a nutshell, Selipsky said, “We have similar discussions with virtually every telecommunications provider around the world. In particular, we see that around 5G networks, both those that have already been used where AWS is used, and AWS in some cases are embedded in brand new 5G networks. “

Selipsky will soon replace Andy Jassy as CEO of AWS. Jassy will be promoted to the great role of CEO of Amazon when Jeff Bezos becomes Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors on July 5. Selipsky was one of the first AWS VPs to be hired in 2005. He led AWS sales, marketing and support for 11 years. He…


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