An AI-powered service called Deep Nostalgia that animates still images has become the main character on Twitter this beautiful Sunday as people seem to be trying to create the scariest fake “video” possible.

The Deep Nostalgia service offered by an online genealogy company My legacy, uses D-ID licensed AI to create the effect of a still image moving. It’s a bit like that iOS Live Photos featureThis adds a few seconds of video to help smartphone photographers get the best shot.

However, Deep Nostalgia can take photos from any camera and bring them to “life”. The program uses recorded driver videos of facial movements and applies the video that is most appropriate for the still image in question. The intended purpose is to allow you to upload photos of deceased loved ones and see them in “action” which seems like a nice idea.

Users need to sign up for a free account with MyHeritage and then upload a photo. From there the process is automated; The site enhances the image before animating it and making a GIF. The website’s frequently asked questions state that the photos will not be shared with anyone. On the main page, you will see the message “Photos uploaded without signing in will be automatically deleted to protect your privacy”.

Of course, the program on Twitter has become a meme generator where users try to push the AI ​​to its limits. An archaeologist used photos of ancient statues, and yes, they included some with empty eyes. Sorry in advance for the nightmare fuel (but hiiii da Alexander the Great):

Deep Nostalgia can only handle single headshots and only animate faces, so you can’t revive mummies to make them look like they’re walking (hey, I was wondering, OK?). You can upload five photos to the MyHeritage website for free for deep nostalgia treatment. After that, you need to register for a paid account.

I wonder if there might be some photos that are best not animated. I take care when uploading photos to a website and I think the usual privacy policy still applies. But if you want to try Deep Nostalgia, prepare yourself for a surreal experience. The AI ​​is scary good.

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