Looking back is a wonderful thing. Looking back at the early stages of DevOps, there is a moment of 20/20 clarity that there would be no need to change DevOps to DevSecOps if people got it right from the start. Security should be part of the approach from the start.

Security should always be a fundamental concern, but in a rush to develop new ideas or deploy applications faster, it may be overlooked. This, ironically, is exactly what happened to DevOps. The establishment of a security ecosystem during the development phase and its maintenance throughout the entire life cycle should be integrated from the start.

The good news, however, is that organizations can continue to take a proactive approach as the best method to incorporate the essence of DevSecOps. In fact, DevSecOps is more than just a new way to make security a focus in any DevOps practice. Embedding security in the foundation of an application or program enables …

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