The IT departments of companies are increasing their cloud usage exponentially. These tools and technologies enable more innovation, cost savings, flexibility, productivity, and faster time to market, and ultimately make it easier to modernize and transform businesses.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader among IaaS providers. Every year at this time, we look back on the most popular AWS products from the past year based on the percentage of 2nd Watch customers using them. We also rate the fastest growing AWS products based on how much our customers spend on different AWS products year over year.

We have divided the lists into “100%” and “Up-and-Comers”. The 100% tools are products that have been used by all of our customers in 2020 – products and services that are nearly universal and required in a simple cloud environment. The up-and-comers are the five fastest growing products of the past year.

We also highlight some products …

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