The most in-demand IT skills, from communications to cloud computing


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Information technology looked very different ten years ago than it does today. Huge servers were housed in stuffy back rooms and everyone had to sit at their desks to actually work – the horror.

A precipitous rise in innovation over the past decade, from cloud computing to smartphones and remote working, has meant IT requirements have changed. With so many careers on offer for IT aspirants, how on earth are people supposed to prepare?

We spoke to John Karabin, Senior Director of NTT, one of the world’s largest providers of technology and business solutions, are helping to narrow things down. He spoke to us about the most in-demand skills they’re looking for in new IT hires in 2022.

1. Communication

Whoever created the outdated stereotype that IT pros go into tech to avoid people gets it Everyone not correct. John says communication skills definitely come first.

“IT professionals deal with a lot of people who…

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