One day it was set up by Georgina’s grandchildren with a Facebook account. She was happy to get in touch with them in this new digital way and see the photos they had posted.

It wasn’t long before Georgina received a friend request from Jim. He said he was a soldier on peacekeeping duties in Afghanistan. They became friends, and when he told her that his wife – like Georgina’s husband – had died of cancer, their online friendship turned into a long-distance relationship. Soon, Jim said, his military service would end and he and Georgina could be together in person. Georgina was delighted.

Your first obstacle was $ 15,000. Jim needed it, he said, to pay the export tax on some gems he’d collected to open a jewelry store. She sent him the money. Then he needed another $ 20,000.

Yes, Jim cheated on Georgina from the start. And unfortunately it worked. Before she understood it, she’d sent him well over $ 100,000. When she contacted the police, they explained that it …

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