It’s been a while since anyone could really tell that the iPhone’s battery life was too short to get you through the day. But despite the better stamina of the last few generations of phones, Apple is still throwing a bone to the people who need more. The company has its first MagSafe compatible battery for iPhones 12that glows with the power of on the back of your device love Magnetism.


The MagSafe Battery Pack is $ 99 on the Apple Store and has a 1,460 mAh battery – not even enough to fully charge the iPhone 12 Mini from a cold state. But Apple says what it lacks in grunt will be an Apple-branded battery that’s compatible with a Lightning charger. And it’s slimmer than some of those chunky battery cases Apple previously sold, even if sticking a white lump on the back of your phone never looks weird.

– Dan Cooper

It’s exciting and scary in equal parts.

Jet suit

Mat Smith

Perhaps you have dreamed of becoming Iron Man and flying carefree around the sky. Reality, as Engadget’s Mat Smith found out, is a lot less romantic than you might have imagined. Before you can even buckle up the real Gravity Industries jet suit, make sure you don’t exceed the 210 pound weight limit. Then there is the ban on sportswear fabrics, which are flammable, and you are not allowed to wear sneakers or jewelry during the flight.

However, Mat overcame those hurdles and was wired up and ready to float like a real Tony Stark. In addition to the horror of being heaved into the air with nothing more than several giant engines attached to your body, the heat these things emitted was immense. Plus, it seemed like for every foot or so that you actually lift off the ground, it made you feel like you had shot over a tall building. Continue reading.

It is in response to protests against how to deal with the pandemic.

Protests in Cuba that began on Sunday have resulted in the Cuban government restricting access to social media and messaging platforms through its state-owned internet provider. According to NetBlocks, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram have been at least partially blocked on the Caribbean island since Monday. Reuters reports that the people of Havana currently don’t have access to mobile data either – the infrastructure wasn’t introduced until 2018. Continue reading.

The FXE is aimed at the more experienced driver.

Zero Motorcycles FXE

Roberto Baldwin / Engadget

Zero Motorcycles has been around for over a decade and is constantly improving its family of electric bikes. With the new FXE, the company is transforming its respected (and fun!) FXS supermoto and making it a little more futuristic. Roberto Baldwin did a lap. Continue reading.

In Payload, two teams of 20 players compete for a fleet of trucks.

Activision’s latest attempt to get players to play its version of Battle Royale is an objective-based mode called Payload, which is launching Call of Duty: Warzone. As a premiere for the game, the mission will be added to the rotating playlists as part of Season Four Reloaded.

The new mode goes live with the update on Thursday, July 15 at 12 p.m. ET and splits players into two teams of 20 who must either escort or attack vehicles with satellite parts. There is a time limit and you can buy (or build) obstacles to disrupt the vehicles’ path. Continue reading.

The latest buds from Amazfit also contain ANC.

Amazfit PowerBuds Pro


PowerBuds Pro from Amazfit. These are true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation (ANC), which, in addition to some new health monitoring functions, can suppress up to 40 dB of sound. The PowerBuds Pro use an accelerometer to detect the seat angle of your cervical spine. If your neck has been in the same position for too long, the earbuds can remind you to adjust and improve your posture. Yeah, I bent my head back when I wrote this. PowerBuds Pro pre-orders valued at $ 150 will open on July 15th. Continue reading.

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