DUBAI: In times of abundant food, it’s easy to forget how fragile the supply chains are until a disaster strikes. One block that takes stock of its pantry is the GCC, whose members import around 90 percent of their groceries.

While the GCC countries have managed to avoid the nightmare scenario of mass scarcity in the worst days of the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis certainly has a lot to offer Arab capitals in terms of their long-term food security.

“The ministries really got a wake-up call during this time of need and are trying to escalate their own initiatives to have more local products and more food safety in the years to come,” said Atle Idland, general manager of Desert Control Middle East Arab News.

“The pandemic has been a catalyst for many countries and governments to get their plans off the table and put into action.”

Desert Control is part of a group of agro technology companies that will showcase their innovations at Expo 2020 Dubai in October …


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