Hybrid cloud solutions are in great demand right now, and many companies are realizing the benefits of both on-premise and cloud architecture companies, especially when combined.

However, moving closer to on-prem and cloud services requires an understanding of both the parallels and differences between the two and the different administrative and administrative costs involved.

Everything is a virtual machine on site. It’s an OS that you have to manage, the patching, the security, the policies, ”said John Savill (pictured), Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. “When you move to the cloud, you have all these other types of services… when I move to the cloud, I can shift my focus to that very business value and let the cloud provider take responsibility for running things. It allows me to shift and just focus on the value, which is the key. “

Savill spoke to Dave Vellante, Hosted by theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live streaming studio, during the last Cell phone, cell phone …


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