Several benchmarks have already given us a general estimate of the CPU performance of M1 Max chip, but we had little insight into the GPU performance. The ‌M1‌ Max is equipped with up to 32 graphics cores, which is a huge improvement over the 8-core GPU of the ‌M1‌, the first chip from Apple.

The first Metal benchmark for the ‌M1‌ Max showed up this afternoon, with the chip hitting a score of 68870. In comparison, the M1‌ chip in the 13-inch MacBook Pro has a Metal score of 20581, and the Radeon Pro 5600M, which was the best GPU option for the previous 16-inch Intel-based model, has a Metal score. Score of 42510.

Compared to the fastest chip available in Apple’s previous generation 16-inch MacBook Pro, the M1‌ Max is 62 percent faster and it’s three times faster than the M1‌ chip in the 13-inch MacBook Pro, based on the Metal -Score that we have so far.

It is not clear whether this “M1” Max chip is the 24-core variant or the 32-core variant. Again, this is only a result, so we should be able to get a better picture of the graphics performance when additional benchmarks become available.

According to Apple, the 32-core GPU in the “M1” Max is up to 4x faster than in the “M1”. Apple has said that the chip delivers “comparable to a high-end GPU in a compact Pro PC laptop” while consuming up to 40 percent less power.

Since we last shared CPU benchmarks for the ‌M1‌ Max / Pro-Chip, several additional results appeared. When comparing several benchmarks, the ‌M1‌ Max / Pro achieved an average single-core score of 1742 and an average multi-core score of 12135.

The chip has the highest single-core score of any Mac to date, and that’s it just beaten in multi-core performance thanks to the 16-, 18-, 24- and 28-core Intel Xeon chips, which are used in the high-end sector iMac Pro and Mac Pro Models.

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