Clubhouse hired Justin Uberti, the developer of the WebRTC standard and the Google Duo video chat app. He is leaving Google after nearly 15 years with the company, where he most recently served as the technical lead for Google’s Stadia Cloud Gaming Service and led the team that developed the company Stadia iOS Web App.

“Justin is a phenomenal engineer leader and one of the original creators of WebRTC, which Clubhouse is built on,” said Rohan Seth, Clubhouse co-founder and CTO, in a statement. “There is so much to do to create an amazing audio experience – the quality, the latency, the ability to take advantage of spatial distance when multiple speakers are speaking. This will be a critical area of ​​investment for us as we open the clubhouse to the world. Among other things, Justin will help guide these efforts. “

Uberti’s title will be head of streaming technology, a clubhouse spokesman said The edge.

“I am very optimistic about the potential [of Clubhouse]: Everyone in the world knows how to use speech, it’s such an expressive medium (compared to text), and advances like AirPods make it easier to consume audio, ”said Uberti at the end of a twitter thread discuss the move.

WebRTC is a Open source project It enables developers to add real-time communication (RTC) functions to applications. This works in modern browsers and is supported in many native apps. The fact that Discord can get you hooked up to voice chat in a browser right away? WebRTC helps with this. And if you’ve used Clubhouse, you’ve probably seen how easy it is to jump in and out of audio rooms on the fly – this is also supported by WebRTC. (Uberti praised the clubhouse as a “Great Example” a novel RTC use case.)

Because Clubhouse tries to compete with social audio products from larger companies like Facebook, Twitter, discord, and even Microsoft LinkedInHiring the developer of a key technology that supports their app could give Clubhouse an advantage in an increasingly crowded environment.

In addition to Stadia and Duo, Uberti was also instrumental in the development of Google Hangouts Video and was the chief architect for AOL Instant Messenger. according to his LinkedIn.

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