A leader of an activist movement within Apple said she was fired from the company on Thursday.

Janneke Parrish, program manager for Apple Maps based in Austin, Texas, and one of the two leaders of a group called AppleToo, was suspended for several days while Apple investigated their activities. On Thursday, she said, an Apple lawyer and a human resources officer called her to tell her that she would be fired.

The reason, Ms. Parrish said, is that she deleted files from her company computer and phone before turning them over for investigation. She said she deleted files that contained personal and financial information.

Ms. Parrish, 30, said she believed Apple would take revenge on her for helping organize the activist group. In the last few months Apple employees spoke out atypically and said the company’s secrecy culture – is to prevent product leaks permeated other aspects of the company and prevented workers from speaking up on issues such as sexual harassment and wage differentials.

“I knew from the moment I started speaking that it was a risk, and a significant one,” said Ms. Parrish. “If my release helps bring justice to the people who have sought it, then that is a sacrifice I am happy to make,” she added. Mrs. Parrish’s dismissal was up previously reported by The Verge.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In an accompanying email informing them of their resignation, which was viewed by the New York Times, Apple said “that you have determined that you have violated Apple policies, including but not limited to disrupting an investigation by deleting files on company-provided devices “. after express instruction not to do this. “

Ms. Parrish said she deleted innocuous screenshots of things like programming errors that she was working to fix from her computer desktop before handing it over. She said she also deleted the Robinhood stock trading app because she didn’t want Apple to see “how much money I lost investing in GameStop” and the Pokemon Go game app because “it got me down.” it is not very embarrassing to have played Pokemon Go ”.

She said she was investigated because company officials believed she had leaked a recording of an Apple staff meeting to the media, but she did not.

Ms. Parrish had also published a weekly round-up of reports of workplace problems that were shared anonymously with her by Apple employees. She said she had received hundreds of the stories in the past few months but couldn’t confirm that everyone who submitted a story was an Apple employee.

Getting fired, Ms. Parrish said, would not make her quit her activism. “I have no intention of quitting until there is justice,” she said.

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