The latest VMWare Fusion Tech Preview brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs


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VMWare has announced that its upcoming update to VMWare Fusion will bring Windows 11 support for both Intel-based and Apple Silicon machines.

Although ARM versions of Windows itself are not available on Macs with M1 or M2 chips, users can download and use Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs using VMWare Fusion virtualization software.

The latest update to VMWare Fusion is now available for testing as a free technology preview on the company’s website.

VMWare says it’s looking for user feedback to “iron out kinks” and is preparing for more formal support later in 2022.

“It’s here,” the company wrote. “While it’s still a bit early and things don’t always behave on Apple chips like we’ve come to expect from Intel, we’re excited to…


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