A judge in the Federal Claims Court on Wednesday declined to dismiss claims by Amazon.com Inc. that political interference cost the company a lucrative Pentagon cloud contract, which put the entire project in doubt.

Washington judge Patricia Campbell-Smith denied requests from the government and Microsoft Corp. who won the cloud computing deal in October 2019 to reject Amazon’s prejudices because the company did not bring them up early enough. Your full statement on the matter has been filed under Siegel.

The contract, known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI), is valued at up to $ 10 billion over a decade.

The verdict means the lawsuit continues and is not a final decision on the case. However, the Pentagon said earlier this year that if the court refused to grant its motion to dismiss Amazon’s prejudice, it would reassess the future of the project as a whole to avoid a lengthy court battle.

“The prospect of such a long …

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