Unstructured data – data without predefined data models – can be difficult for a company to locate and process. Emails, text files, photos, videos, call logs and business chat apps collect a lot of data that just floats around in the metaphorical ether. But what’s floating around can also lead to IT security and business continuity nightmares for companies that can’t get everything under control.

Unstructured Data Currently makes up more than 80% of Companies Data ad grows at a rate of 55-65% per year, according to Apoorv Agarwal, co-founder ad CEO at the Text IQ, an artificial one in theTelligence platform.

These are the most common IT and business security threats hidden in the unstructured Data that’s what Agarwal says CompaniesOften times, they are unaware until it’s too late:

Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information

Unless all of the PII and PHI are edited to files, a company may be in grave danger. Frequently,…

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