The iPhone’s new webcam powers are a clunky reincarnation of Apple’s iSight


One of the most surprising announcements at WWDC 2022 was Apple’s plan to let you use your iPhone as a Mac webcam, thanks to a new feature called continuity camera. But while the software tricks showcased in this macOS 13 Ventura feature are impressive, I wish Apple had just put them in a new version of its old 2003 iSight webcam instead.

On paper, the pass-through camera makes a lot of sense. Many Mac users also own an iPhone, so why not use their phone’s superior cameras to provide a better webcam experience for video calls? Plenty of people are already using third-party apps like EpocCam and Camo Studio for this, and (unfortunately for them) Apple’s feature looks like a slimmer, wireless equivalent.

Some of Belkin’s forthcoming mounts appear to be using MagSafe, which could at least be an easy way to mount your iPhone for the pass-through camera. (Image credit: Apple)

But no matter how good the software looks, the implementation will always feel a bit clunky. You’ll need to attach your iPhone to your Mac using an accessory like Belkin’s coming later this year. Rumor has it that Jony Ive still has his head in his hands after witnessing this desecration of the Mac’s clean silhouette.

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