There’s a new retailer selling a limited edition version of Microsoft’s popular Xbox Series X, but the video game console bundle won’t come cheap.

Gucci will offer a version of the Xbox Series X on its website on November 17th, adorned with the fashion house’s unique designs. Only 100 of the consoles will be available.

Here’s the catch: the Gucci branded console costs $ 10,000.

What do you get $ 10,000? According to the listing on Gucci’s website, the console features a laser-cut monogram of the letters “GG” which represents both the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci and the abbreviation for “good game”, which is often used in video games.

The console also includes bespoke Gucci branded Xbox controllers, a Gucci hard case for carrying the console marked “Xbox” and “Good Game”, and Xbox Game Pass Unlimited, a Netflix-style service that lets the user dozens of times Stream free games.

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