We don’t use the first person here on much The next platformbut I’ll make an exception. And I beg your forbearance because the point I’m about to make is interesting and directly related to what I think about Amazon Web Services as we are in the middle of a three week core dump called re: Invent Conference is called.

A long time ago, when I was a young reporter with sharp teeth but not very large jawbones or strong jaw muscles, I somehow managed to get an interview with the highest paid and first great chief information officer in the world. In fact, the term was coined as early as the late 1980s to describe DuWayne Petersen, who was executive vice president of operations, systems, and telecommunications at Merrill Lynch, a freelance brokerage firm at the time and the largest with a very rich and complex IT infrastructure .

It was around this time that people started shouting whatever was labeled Data…

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