the Google app has received several major updates for mobile and web versions in the past few months. A new report suggests the company is now testing several redesigns of the Google search bar.

The report came from the Google News Telegram Group and was also shared by Mishaal Rahman Twitter (above). One of the screenshots shows how the search bar could move up and at the same time include the thumbnail of the user picture.

However, this is at the expense of the weather symbol in the top left. In its current form, the thumbnail appears at the top right with the search bar positioned below it. This redesign would bring the Google app in line with apps like the Play Store and Gmail that have user thumbnails in the search bars.

Another strange change we’re seeing is the repositioning of the search bar at the bottom of the screen. This would be a great feature to make one-handed use easier, especially on phones with larger screens. Apple is already doing this on iOS using the Safari browser, so it’s not particularly new.

According to reports, the feature appears in the beta version 12.47.12 of the Google app

Interestingly, the user thumbnail doesn’t appear when the search bar is positioned at the bottom of the screen. It is unclear whether the thumbnail will be moved back to the top right or removed entirely. Since these are features that have not yet been tested, it is difficult to predict if they will ever see the light of day. But bringing the search bar to the bottom of the screen seems like the next logical step for the Google app.

The new function is said to appear in the beta version 12.47.12 of the Google app. However, availability on the stable channel could take a few more weeks. It’s worth noting that this isn’t material you’ve updated, just a repositioning of the search bar. We’ll be listening for more information on these new features.

Speaking of Material You, Google recently launched the Gmail widget in line with the new design philosophy. Although the Gmail app was updated with Material You a few weeks ago, the widgets weren’t part of the makeover. The Google Keep widget on Android also received a similar update a few weeks earlier. The company’s Material You update was far from streamlined with some apps still waiting for the full suite of changes.

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