Many players are eager to get in Final Fantasy XIVis eagerly awaited End converter Extension has hit big queues since the game started in Early Access on Friday. One reason for the long wait is that Square Enix is ​​not getting enough servers to meet demand due to the global chip shortage. according to a blog post by producer and director Naoki Yoshida.

“When it comes to adding new worlds, we need dozens of ‘server machines’ for every world we add,” says Yoshida. “Server machines are high-performance computers that use numerous semiconductors. However, due to the current COVID-19 countermeasures, many factories around the world that manufacture semiconductors have stopped manufacturing or have faced labor shortages.

“We have made significant investments – even more than usual – to secure the required hardware, but it still takes a long lead time to prepare the server hardware,” added Yoshida. In the meantime, the development team has taken some measures, for example to optimize the server source code and to increase the maximum number of logins per world. Despite these efforts, “given the current situation, we anticipate it may take months or more to add new worlds,” he said.

The global chip scarcity is having a major impact on many industries – even Apple, known for its dominance of its supply chain, has lost billions due to delivery bottlenecks. Businesses of all sizes had to come up with different solutions to make their products work, as Square Enix did; For example, Panic redesigned the motherboard of its quirky Playdate handheld to support a different CPU, while Tesla has rewritten its vehicle software to support other chips. (Tesla reportedly also has delivered some cars without USB ports.)

Yoshida also discussed server load in a published post Hours after End converter‘s Early Access Start, and according to what it said then and back on Tuesday, Square Enix does not appear to be able to fix every problem or source as much server hardware as it wishes in the near future. Yoshida outlined a number of tweaks the development team is making to fix a few issues, which hopefully means you won’t have to wait that long to play End converter in the near future.

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