The future of the Quad’s technology cooperation is at stake


US President Joe Biden made a historic trip to Tokyo last month, where he met with the prime ministers of the other countries in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue known as the Quad: Australia, India and Japan. The four leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a free, open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific and their interest in working together on critical and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is at the heart of the Quad. Over the past five years, all four countries have announced national AI strategies aimed at harnessing the technology for societal development, economic prosperity, and military might. Beyond national agendas and investments, the Quad countries also see multinational technology collaboration with like-minded democracies as key to responsible AI development. The quad-led AI collaboration promises to foster an accessible and safe technology ecosystem, and could also help reverse China’s disruptive behavior in the…

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