Image for article with the title MAGA-Branded "Freedom Phone"  Is a black box that should be avoided at all costs

Screenshot: YouTube / YourVoice Network, Inc

Whether Parler, Gab or GETTR, there has been no shortage of dollar sign entrepreneurs lately who wanted to capitalize on conservative America’s contempt for “liberal” Silicon Valley. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to invent the MAGA phone.

Uh, do that … the “Freedom phone. “The device that hit the market on Thursday is the product of Erik Finman, a 22 year old CCrypto millionaire who says he wants America’s tech oligarchy patriots to regain “control” of their lives. Finman’s phone, which costs $ 499, claims to provide conservatives with a way to break free of Big Tech’s “espionage” and “censorship” – though it’s radically vague in the details. Like any handgun, the phone should be treated like it’s loaded and dangerous because we just don’t know what’s under the hood.

Freedom Phone claims that it can protect users from data collection using an iOS or Android device …


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