Former VMware COO of Products and Cloud Services, Rajiv Ramaswami, has been brought into a lawsuit by his former employer alleging he breached contractual obligations after joining Nutanix as the new CEO.

VMware claims Ramaswami worked with Nutanix and VMware, two competing companies, for two months before stepping down from VMware. According to VMware, this indicated a conflict of interest.

For this reason, VMware has initiated a lawsuit in a US court for “material and persistent violations of its legal and contractual obligations and obligations towards VMware”.

In a statement, VMware said that Ramaswami not only breached his contract, but also failed

At the same time as he was working with executives to shape VMware’s strategic vision and direction, Mr. Ramaswami also secretly met with at least the CEO, CFO and apparently the entire Board of Directors of Nutanix, Inc. to talk to Nutanix’s boss become managing directors. “

VMware Says Ramaswami Didn’t …

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