SalusCare, of Fort Myers, Fla., Filed a lawsuit against Amazon Web Services on March 24, alleging that the cloud storage company is hosting health data that SalusCare allegedly stolen in a cyber attack in early March. Fort Myers News Press Reports.

SalusCare claimed its database was affected by a malware attack in the week of March 15, in which hackers were able to download the doctor’s entire database to a cloud-based storage account managed by AWS, the SalusCare attorney told the publication. According to the report, Amazon has since frozen access to the storage account.

As a result of the malware attack, 85,688 patient and staff records were copied and possibly accessed. As of March 25, it was not known how many records were actually accessed through Amazon’s storage page, but the files contained personal and sensitive records of patients’ psychiatric and addiction counseling treatments …


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