News about the first iPad release of 2021 was announced over the weekend. This first Apple tablet of the year is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This could be the first iPad Pro with a mini-LED display, which is a very early highlight in Apple’s offerings from the year.

Information about the first iPad of the year comes from a Digitimes report Apple was also ready to roll out flexible OLED panels for the next iPhone. The next iPhone is unlikely to get pliable – the flexibility allows for the possibility that the next iPhone will have a tiny curve around the edges – or that the next iPhone will use a more flexible display to allow for a heartier overall device.

ABOVE: You see the otherwise newest ones iPad Air. You will be forgiven for mistaking it for an iPad Pro or an iPad … they all seem pretty much alike now, don’t they?

The next iPad offers many of the same features as the otherwise newest iPad Pro. It aims to replace your current laptop – or at least to invade your life through a particularly diverse set of capabilities. This next-gen iPad Pro may be the first of the year with the next A-Series chip to be seen year-round on Apple mobile devices.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro (early 2021) will likely have a display that surpasses that of the rest of the iPad family, and likely the latest additions to the iPhone as well. The iPad Pro is a premier device to bring a new, more impressive range of displays to market.

Think back to the first time Apple released a device with a display that refreshed 120 Hz – it was an iPad. Think of the first device Apple released with a display that could use the Apple Pencil – it was an iPad. Now is the time for that mini LED goodness.

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