Antonio García Martínez, the former Apple Inc. engineer who was fired after employees protested his previous comments on women, said the company was previously aware of the scripture that ultimately led to it Dismissal.

“Apple was aware of my writing before hiring me,” continued García Martínez Twitter on Friday his first public comments since leaving the iPhone maker this week. “My credentials have been asked extensively about my bestselling book and my real professional (rather than literary) personality.” The former Apple engineer also said he was “fired” by Apple in a quick decision and that he “turned his life upside down” to join the Cupertino, California company.

García Martínez was hired in April as an engineer for Apple’s advertising platform team, which operates ad space in the App Store, Apple News and the Stocks apps. “Apple actively recruited me for my role on the advertising team and reached out to me through a former colleague to persuade me to join,” he tweeted. “Apple found my experience in advertising, particularly data and privacy, very relevant to their endeavors and convinced me to leave my role at the time.”

Apple’s knowledge of his letter prior to hiring comes as no surprise given the company’s rigorous recruiting process, but it did raise questions about how that process led to his hiring approval. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on García Martínez’s tweets.

Several Apple employees complained this week about García Martínez’s internal and social attitudes. They cited comments and excerpts from his 2016 memoir, “Chaos Monkeys”. In the book, García Martínez called women in Silicon Valley “soft and weak” and made a number of other claims that Apple employees identified as misogynistic and racist.

In an internal memo to Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president with responsibility for services like advertising and leadership in the inclusion and diversity department, Apple employees asked how a company that prides itself on diversity does one Could make adjustment.

“We are calling for an investigation into how his published views on women and people of color have been overlooked or ignored, and a clear plan of action to prevent this from happening again,” the workers wrote. Apple’s internal firestorm was a rarity for a company that had largely bypassed the related controversy that plagued Google and other Alphabet Inc. tech companies.

“At Apple, we’ve always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace where everyone is respected and accepted,” Apple said on Wednesday when it was announced that García Martínez is no longer with the company. “Behavior that humiliates or discriminates against people for whom they are has no place here.”

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