Eve Energy has long been providing great products for Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem of smart home devices and is now adding another product to this range – the Eve Outdoor Cam. The Eve Outdoor Cam offers good security outside of an Apple house and as such supports HomeKit Secure Video.

Unfortunately, the camera will not support the upcoming Matter Smart Home specification when it launches. That’s due to the fact that the Matter spec doesn’t really support security cameras in general, and it probably won’t for a while after it’s released. Even so, the camera works fine in a HomeKit setup – it just doesn’t work in other smart home ecosystems.

“The Eve Outdoor Cam combines elegant aesthetics with privacy protection technology and goes beyond traditional surveillance camera concepts with its eye-catching appearance and manufacturer clouds,” said Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve. “Eve Outdoor Cam embodies what Eve stands for: a beautiful, networked home …

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