A former Days Gone developer wants people to understand that to expect a game to become a franchise, they need to spend money rather than wait for sales.

Days gone will hit PC in the near future, but users shouldn’t expect this to be the first step towards a sequel. In spite of the Steam version of the game Former creative director John Garvin is coming next month to the people who make it clear there won’t be any Days Gone 2, and he also wants everyone to know exactly why it’s not in development.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that the team was behind the original Days gone, including Garvin, pushed Sony hard for a sequel. The same reports said that despite popular with Days gone FansSony has no chance for the project.

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During a recent appearance on David Jaffe’s YouTube show, Garvin said that people who don’t buy games at full price have a role in a Days gone Continuation is killed. In fact, the former creative director who eventually left Sony Bend Studios firmly believed that people weren’t waiting for a sale or for games to come on PS Plus. “I have an opinion about something that your audience might be interested in, and it might put some of them off,” Garvin said. “If you love a game, buy it [at full price.] I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen players say, “Yeah, I got this for sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever.”

While Garvin knew his comments would not be loved by the general gaming public, Jaffe appeared to be coming to the defense of his followers. He replied that people won’t know they love a game until they play it. The answer seemed to be taken by Garvin as an explanation of why people might not want to pay $ 60 or even $ 70 for a PS5 title They will not be resold.

The developer replied that he understood this point of view, but also believed that if a game doesn’t get a sequel, people shouldn’t complain if they’re not ready to raise the money. For comparison, he then selected another first-party title from Sony. He said he knows this even though he’s no longer with Sony God of War made a ton of money when it first hit the market. He added that he did not know the exact numbers but was aware of it Days gone didn’t do it nearly as well. He also pointed out that while the news of his game on PS Plus was exciting, it didn’t help develop a sequel.

The idea of ​​his game getting a discounted price isn’t the only thing Garvin was angry about in an interview with Jaffe. During another part of the video, the developer made it clear that he believes Sony is focusing on the wrong things when it comes to video games. He explained that the company is more concerned Days goneMetacritical Score as if the game had a strong following and was of high quality or not.

Days gone is available for PS4 and PS5 and hits PC on May 18th.

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