Well, just if you think you’ve heard the last part of The Division, Ubisoft has quadrupled from what is now called “The dividing universe. ”

We currently know that there is more content planned for The Division 2 in the future. We know there’s a Netflix movie coming. But today announced the announcements of a future novel, a mobile game and most importantly a free game by Red Storm that will be released in 2021 or 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and “The Cloud” called “The Division”: Heartland ”

The announcement was made today by Ubisoft that featured this great roadmap of the division and I think I’m sorry I ever thought they were putting this series on hold for now:

The most striking is certainly the upcoming F2P game. Red Storm has been processing a lot of divisional content for a while. So it makes sense to pass the reins on to them as we know Massive is working on two giant IPs, an Avatar game and a Star Wars game.

The game is subtitled Heartland, and in combination with the first pictures shown above, that will probably break the series tradition and be set not in a big city like New York or DC, but in the American Heartland, a generalized term that covers a large part of the West and the Midwest, populated by suburbs or farmlands or small towns. A significant change from the usual setting of the game.

What’s strange is that the genre there is no mention of this game, they just say this:

“Heartland is a standalone game that doesn’t require any previous experience in the series, but offers a whole new perspective on the universe in a new setting.”

Some think that when we talk about forests and fields we might wander into a battle royale spin-off from The Division, but nothing suggests one way or another. But I’d be surprised if it were a game with a full campaign like we’ve seen from the last through. I would expect a continued focus on skill trees and loot, however, and such that whatever is complete is the gist of The Division, one of the main earlier entries in the looter shooter genre. I don’t think the division’s players would do this want Just an F2P Battle Royale / PvP version of the game via a more traditional offering. However, rumor has it that Survival never got into Division 2 in this game, so it may just get its own standalone entry, which is exactly what that is.

You can Sign up now for Heartland Early TestingSo we’ll see what it’s about soon enough. Anyway, I’m excited to see what such a game will look like and how it will be monetized as a full F2P offering. More information will follow, hopefully soon when testing starts in the future.

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