The Apple iPhone lineup has gotten bigger and fancier in recent years, with some users missing the traditional design from the iPhone 4 / 5s era. For these users, Apple brought back the iPhone SE range in 2020. It came with a very iPhone 5s-like design with some improved specs. The device is quite successful. Meanwhile, the iPhone mini variants did not do so well. The device also sells thanks to its cheaper price. For this reason, Apple is planning a third iteration for the iPhone SE, while the iPhone mini is being replaced by a new Max variant with the same screen size as the Pro Max. There have been rumors that the iPhone SE (2022) would come with a major design overhaul, but a new report suggests that it won’t. Instead, the device has the same design as the iPhone 8 from 2017, like its predecessor the iPhone SE (2020).

This may sound like heartbreaking news for those who expected big design changes to this year’s compact iPhone. Other companies will be pursuing the next big thing to make this device even more frameless. The iPhone SE (2022), however, will be something out of the world before the notches, punch-holes, and under-display cameras. Despite all of this, the iPhone SE was still selling. As a result, it makes us believe that as long as it remains the cheapest way to get into the iPhone world, buyers don’t really care about the outdated design. This time around, the iPhone SE will also look more interesting as it offers 5G connectivity.

The iPhone SE (2024) is the one for you if you want a modern design

The new claim comes in a string from the very reliable Apple leakster Dylan (@dylandkt). According to him, the previous reports indicated an iPhone SE 3 with a similar design to the iPhone XR / 11 with a slightly smaller screen size. However, that design change has been postponed to an expected release in 2024. For this year, Apple will instead release an iPhone SE with 5G connectivity. It will still have updated specs, but the design will be the same as the 2020 model.

The iPhone SE range follows a strange pattern. For example, the first iPhone SE was presented back in 2016. It took four years for the second device to hit the market, while the third will appear two years after its predecessor. Given that the iPhone mini variant has allegedly been shortened by Apple, we don’t know if the company will keep that pattern. If that’s the case, we’ll see the next device in 2024. And that’s exactly what the rumors suggest that the new device will arrive in two years’ time. One thing we know is that the device will continue to sell as it is the cheaper iPhone.

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