There are tons of reasons why you should use a virtual private network (VPN), but while they do secure your internet connection, they come with some tradeoffs. For example, you have to pay a recurring subscription fee. Some VPN providers even catalog your web activity and sell it to third parties. Others offer insufficient protection that allows your confidential information to be exposed to online thieves and cyber snoops.

What VPNs started is the Deep Connect Nano perfected. It’s a decentralized VPN and firewall solution that addresses many of these pesky VPN problems, and does so with a level of simplicity and ease of use that is the rightful heir to the crown of online security.

The Deeper Connect Nano is actually not a VPN at all, but a DPN – a decentralized private network. Instead of doing all of your web activity over a company’s private Internet tunnel, a DPN lets you be your own client and server with no intermediaries. Hence, you can still enjoy full encryption …

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