If you want to understand the biggest threat to Amazon today – and no, it’s not the new FTC Chairman Lina Khan – read The Information’s story about bureaucratic creep on Amazon Web Services today. A former AWS salesperson told our reporter Kevin McLaughlin that at AWS he spent approximately 70% of his time doing paperwork, including the daily breakdown of every customer he met and spoke to. That doesn’t sound like the day-one culture Jeff Bezos worked tirelessly to proselytize!

That paper-pushing culture grew after a former Intel executive joined AWS – someone who was promoted last year. In other words, it won’t go away. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Once a company is close to the size of Amazon – 1.3 million employees – it’s hard to avoid procedures that help management stay on top of things. And of course, these processes are not all bad. In today’s report, it was found that some former AWS employees were …

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