The company, which told Sony to “go ahead and sue us,” took replacement disks for the PlayStation 5 off sale after Sony threatened to sue them.

In February, Canadian device customization company Dbrand launched its PS5 replacement panels called Darkplates. with a brazen attitude towards the prospect of a Sony takedown.

“With the release of Darkplates the unthinkable happened,” Dbrand said at the time. “We took Sony’s monumental achievement in poor design … and fixed it. We can only assume our prices are in the mail.”

Dbrand’s panels, like the official PS5 panels, contain microscopic texture but are slightly different from the design of Sony’s PlayStation face buttons.

“When you look at this microscopic texture in the dark plates, what do you see?” Dbrand said in a section of his website subtitled “Completely Legal”.

“If your answer is ‘a well-known but legally unambiguous apocalyptic variant of the classic PlayStation button shapes’, you might be one of our lawyers.”

“Come on, sue us,” read the top of the website.

A darkplate with engraved symbols.

Dbrand said it then received a letter from Sony threatening legal action – and it has now complied with the demands.

In one reddit post Dbrand lamented Sony’s action, saying: “Darkplates are dead”.

In the cease and desist declaration that Dbrand has posted online but not dated, Lawyers representing Sony accuse the company of trademark and copyright infringement as well as forgery.

The letter calls on Dbrand to take over all of the marketing, promotion and sales of darkplates worldwide.

“If Dbrand refuses to fully comply with these requirements,” the letter continues, “or if Dbrand delays replying to this letter, our customer will be forced to take whatever measures he deems necessary to safeguard his valuable intellectual property rights to protect.”

Dbrand’s jam-packed Reddit post questions the action, highlighting Sony’s complaint about the similarity between PS5 platters and the Darkplates design, even with the Netflix hit show Squid Game to defend itself:

“… did you know that Sony believes that our distinctive and original ‘Illuminati Pyramid / Radiation Hazard / Skull & Crossbones / Angry Robot Head’ symbols engraved on the darkplates violate their trademarked button shapes? How the hell did Squid Game come along? get away with it? “

Dbrand’s Reddit post is struggling with Sony’s letter.

Dbrand also makes the more general point that consumers should have the right to choose which parts to use to modify, upgrade, or repair their console.

The PS5 plates come off with a little fiddling – like Sony itself unveiled the console in the run-up to the launch in November 2020. At the time, it was believed that Sony was planning to sell its own official replacement records, although the company has not yet announced such a product.

Dbrand speculates that Sony may intend to bring its own black faceplates to market or is working on a licensing model “where they have a monopoly on custom faceplates”.

The result is that Dbrand complied with Sony’s demands. the Darkplates page on his website now contains a list of items related to the product, including one from Eurogamer.

However, Dbrand insisted that it only approve the takedown “for now”.

“While we firmly believe in the consumer’s right to customize and modify their hardware with aftermarket components, your darkplates are now collectors’ items,” said Dbrand.

“You know what they’re saying – either you die as the owner of darkplates or you live long enough to see yourself as a scalper.

“In conclusion, fuck you and especially Sony. Speak soon.”

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