Unearthed song

AAfter he and his co-founder claimed the $ 2.35 billion Cisco spent in 2018 on their Ann Arbor-based mobile security app Duo, Dug Song didn’t have to worry about those parts. However, it never really occurred to Song to leave the region or his technical unicorn. In fact, as part of the deal, he insisted that Duo remain headquartered in southeast Michigan.

But why would an East Coast born and raised tech visionary plant a West Coast-related industry in Michigan in the first place? Because for Song, this piece of grass in the Midwest has long been fertile, if often overlooked, ground for the next big thing.

“There’s so much history of innovation here, but we don’t get as much credit for it because people are upside down here, which I really appreciate,” says Song, 45, of Duo Security 2010 in Ann Arbor and USA established soon expanded with offices in the USA and the UK. “Friends in technology really ask me this …

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