OwnTrails co-founders, Kt McBratney (left) and Rebekah Bastian. Bastian proposed a new term for capturing an emerging tech business model called “authentech”. (OwnTrails photo)

The world of technology loves innovation and thinking outside the box. Except maybe when it comes to donations.

When Rebekah Bastian pitched her fundraiser over the past few months, she found that her Seattle-based startup didn’t exactly fit into accepted tech business models. OwnTrail is a new platform where women share the careers of their careers and personal lives and support one another and socialize. None of them went well together on funding forms that asked them to tick a box describing their company.

So Bastian, a former Zillow manager and lover of word games, found a solution. She suggested a new category to join the ranks of the “-tech” set (edtech, fintech, healthtech, and others) and named it “authentech”. Bastian shared the idea on Twitter last month and …

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