Which wireless IP security camera is the best?

You might expect easy installation and high-tech functionality from a wireless security camera. Some do, but the term “wireless” can be deceptive – you may still need a cord for power.

We examine these and other important details in this buying guide. At the end we also gave a few product recommendations. Our favorite model, the Arlo Pro 2, can be used indoors or outdoors and can go from a single camera to a comprehensive security system for your home.

Wireless IP security cameras

The images you see of indoor models generally show them alone on a table or other surface. They appear to be wireless, but in fact most of them need to be plugged into a regular electrical outlet. The “wireless” aspect only relates to the way in which they transmit picture and sound. The same often applies to outdoor models, which in turn may need to be wired for power. Completely wireless versions of indoor and outdoor …

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