(Advertisement) In this day and age, going online without the protection of a VPN service is like driving without car insurance – you are putting yourself at risk.

VPN stands for “virtual private network” and a VPN service allows you to carry out your online activities through its encrypted servers to keep them private. This masks your identity and location, making it extremely difficult for hackers (or others) to access your data.

Using a VPN service offers various benefits, from increased security to better online access:

  • Your IP address, your location, your passwords and other personal data are encrypted.
  • You can share P2P files without worrying about files being viewed or copied.
  • Companies can give employees remote access to their servers.
  • Users can bypass blockers and filters that restrict access to online content based on location (e.g. streaming services).
  • Keep your online activities anonymous and protect yourself from targeted marketing …

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