Compared to the most popular operating systems like Windows and MacOS, Ubuntu offers excellent localized security. While the operating system is a good sign of your digital privacy and security, it cannot completely block online threats. If you want to stay safe online and keep your data private, you need to use one of the best Ubuntu VPN services out there.

The central theses:

Find the best VPN for Windows or MacOS is not difficult. However, finding one for Ubuntu isn’t easy as there aren’t many apps that are fully compatible with Ubuntu. In this article, we’re going to show you the top five VPNs for Ubuntu.

  • You can run a VPN on Ubuntu from the terminal or track the more traditional OpenVPN configuration from the Ubuntu Network Manager.

  • Like other operating systems like Windows and Mac, Ubuntu doesn’t have a built-in VPN application. However, with the tremendous growth of the VPN market, providers are …

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