Going virtual for a big show like CES 2021 was certainly an experience like no other, but for the smart home the focus was exactly on what we expected – cleanliness, contactless experiences, organization of the house and security. While there weren’t that many established smart home brands in attendance at CES 2021, there were still plenty of cool gadgets announced aimed at making the home more connected than ever. Our smart home team here at Digital Trends discussed the best smart home technology at CES 2021 and then voted. We have selected the following.

Samsung Jetbot 90 AI +

Our pick for the best smart home technology at CES 2021 is the Samsung Jetbot 90 AI +. It’s more than just an ordinary robotic vacuum cleaner, it’s smarter when it comes to avoiding the annoying clutter that other bots can create. It can also act as a security monitor when you are out and about.

This tank-like robot vacuum cleaner not only has a suction power of 30 watts thanks to its Jet Cyclone system to ensure that the floors are free of …

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