The Best ExpressVPN Alternative in 2022 [The Next Best Thing]


ExpressVPN is the best virtual private network available. It has an excellent feature portfolio, top-notch security, and blazing-fast connection speeds. We found ExpressVPN to perform consistently well throughout our testing. So why would anyone want an ExpressVPN alternative? Well, ExpressVPN has one major downside – its premium price.

The central theses:

  • ExpressVPN is our favorite VPN. However, if you find it expensive, you can choose one of the best alternatives to ExpressVPN.
  • NordVPN is the best alternative to ExpressVPN as it offers a similar set of features and almost the same performance for less than half the price.
  • consider wind recorder if you are looking for a free alternative to ExpressVPN.

Note that if the ExpressVPN’s higher costs don’t bother you, you benefit significantly in terms of security, speed and overall performance. If you choose an ExpressVPN alternative, trade in a little bit of this best-in-class…

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