Microsoft Azure Kinect DK Depth Sensing Device helps make AI-powered apps

Easily create AI-powered apps with the Microsoft Azure Kinect DK Depth Sensing Device. This developer kit combines the power of HoloLens and Azure to simplify the process of making artificial intelligence apps. The Azure Kinect DK combines all of Azure’s high-end AI sensors in one device. Additionally, the depth sensing device makes it easier for developers to create virtual VR and AR experiences. Utilizing an innovative flight depth sensor, Azure Kinect also accurately senses depth and identifies how humans move. Paired with an HD RGB camera and 7-microphone circular array, the sensor offers incredible accuracy. Moreover, you can use the sensor on its own or pair it with other Azure Kinect sensors to produce a 3D map. Suitable for many different cases, the Azure Kinect DK is a versatile sensing device that allows you to build your way.

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