Working remotely is great: Eliminating long commutes saves workers stress and money while protecting the environment and the employer’s overheads.

But the dangers associated with the security of remote workers are worth mentioning, and that is exactly what Europol has done in a new report.

Some of the biggest problems, compounded by the pandemic-induced shift to remote work, include ransomware threats, attacks on mobile devices, and even the exploitation of legitimate software services such as otherwise secure VPNs or cryptocurrencies. Here we summarize the most important details that you should know.

Higher risk of ransomware

As the EU law enforcement agency, Europol follows developments in international trends. Their new report, the Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment 2021 (or IOCTA), tells us which threats are the biggest. Not all of these threats stem from remote working, but the report cites the pandemic by name as a major change that cybercriminals are responding to.


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