The 10 biggest data breaches in history and how to prevent them


    Data breaches happen for many reasons, as illustrated in this list of the largest data breaches in history. From an outdated, vulnerable network to an employee clicking on a phishing email, data breaches can damage a business and its reputation.

    There are a number of lessons to be learned from looking at past data breaches. In fact, some of the most damaging breaches listed here could have been prevented if organizations had followed simple cybersecurity hygiene best practices.

    Learn about the top data breaches based on the number of records compromised and get advice on how to prevent a similar breach at your organization.


    Records compromised: 3 billion

    Date of Injury: August 2013

    Release date: December 2016

    Yahoo originally announced in 2016 that its 2013 breach affected just 1 billion accounts. After Verizon acquired Yahoo in 2017, it was revealed that it was actually 3 billion. The breach affected Yahoo email accounts and other business services,…


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