Almost half of companies say work-from-home policies have impacted their cybersecurity practices Verizons ((VZ) 2021 Mobile Security Index, released Tuesday. The report includes the results of a survey of 856 professionals responsible for purchasing, managing and securing it mobile and Internet of Things (IOT) devices for businesses.
The results are pretty grim, if not terribly surprising – 45% of respondents say their organizations sacrifice mobile security just to “get the job done”. Making the rapid transition to remote working last spring was a huge undertaking for IT teams, and a number of high-profile security breaches over the past year have presented the challenges of keeping a remote team safe.
Considering the potential cybersecurity threats at work from home is especially important as many companies are considering maintaining a full-time or part-time remote working model even after the pandemic ends.

“The pandemic has changed the way organizations work around the world … while …


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